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Led Zeppelin redefined rock in the Seventies and for all time. Then and now, Led Zeppelin looms larger than life on the rock landscape as a band for the ages with an almost mystical power to evoke primal passions. Now, imagine being transported back forty years to that golden age.


For ZED, it's much more than simply being a tribute. It's faithfully recreating the sound of Led Zeppelin's studio albums to an astonishing level of accuracy while also capturing the magical aura of the Led Zeppelin live experience.

Shaun Sanders
- Vocals
- Lemon Squeezer
Dwayne Errington
- Guitar
- Theremin
Rob MacEachern
- Drums
- Hammer of the Gods
Ryan Spong
- Bass
- Mandolin
Graham Goss
- Keyboards
- Acoustic Guitar

ZED are proud recipients of:

-Jack Richardson Music Award (2015 - Fan Favourite Tribute)

-London Music Award (2015 - Tribute Group of the Year)

-Forest City London Music Award (2019 - Tribute Artist)

In the press:

London Free Press Nov/2015

My Kawartha June/2017

ZED have performed in many theatres / venues / festivals across several provinces and into the U.S.A.. Here are some examples..
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